Friday, 10 June 2016

Equilibrium - New work at Christina Parker Gallery

Please join me at Christina Parker Gallery for the opening of Equilibrium June 17   5:30 - 8:00

The series of eight circus-like steel sculptures express the complexities of holding life in balance. Metaphorically, whether on a unicycle, a tall tipping chair or a person’s shoulders, we teeter in the boundaries between right and wrong, strength and tenderness, the stress of financial survival and the care of body and spirit. The nude figures show vulnerability. Each figure is on the verge of tipping and falling but through perseverance manage to hold on to their equilibrium. In spirit these sculptures are hopeful pieces. The works are sculpted from hammered and welded steel utilizing a torch, hammer and anvil, a MIG welder and a grinder. They appear rough and slightly elongated, with a suggestive nod to Giacometti.

Equilibrium is inspired by a personal search for balance infused by a sense of awe and terror for circus performers – amazed by their feats yet afraid for their safety. These pieces hold their ambiguity in being both precarious and playful.